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These days BIM technology is growing by leaps and bounds. An important part of BIM is interoperability between applications.
CSI SAFE is a popular software package for slab and foundation mat design. Similarly, Autodesk© Revit© is quickly becoming an industry-standard program for BIM modeling. Both offer a wide range of tools, but don't have a straightforward data transfer mechanism to share data between each other. When a slab is modeled in Revit, in order to perform structural analysis of the slab in SAFE a model needs to be created either from scratch or using CAD export, which requires a considerable amount of time.

RevitToSafe converter gives you possibility to eliminate tedious and error-prone data transfer work. Once the convertor is installed on your computer you will be able to transfer Revit model to SAFE in a few clicks.

As soon as the data transfer is performed there are tools that speed up the model pre-processing. The converter has a preinstalled interface to manipulate the material database, allows for the adjustment of covers and other properties. Works using both metric and imperial units.


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